Our solutions

We work with strict cooperate policies and cutting edge for business regulations in Ghana

Our Policies

It covers a variety of business practices, procedures and situations. It does not address every situation that may arise, but provides basic principles as a guide. It is intended to promote honest and ethical conduct at all levels of operation.

If any of our policies conflicts with a law, you must comply with the law.

Code of Ethics

Obeying the law is the foundation of GILO COMPANY LIMITED’s ethical standard. Our employees obey the laws of the jurisdictions in which we operate. We educate our employees to know most of the details of these laws hence they know enough to determine when to seek advice from management.

Our advertising, sales, and promotional literatures seeks to be truthful, accurate, and free from false claims.

Diversity and Inclusion

We are all inclusive. We celebrate multiple approaches and points of view. We believe diversity drives innovation. They are the hard-and-fast principles guiding how we build our teams, cultivate leaders and create a company that fits for everyone. We’re always growing our network of people, programs and tools all designed to help employees grow and manage their careers. We want to create an inclusive culture where all forms of diversity are seen as real value for the company. This gives us the freedom to address the broadest set of initiatives.