Our Story

GILO COMPANY LIMITED started as XCEL in 2012 when smartphones started emerging in the electronics market. Students on campus who had no phones were rushing in for the newly introduced smartphones whiles others had the desire to swap their phones for the newly introduced smartphones. Most of these students had little or no knowledge in this new technology so some were defrauded when they went to the electronics market to buy a smartphone.

The CEO saw this as an opportunity since he had much knowledge about this new technology and was very confident when buying so he became popular in buying and swapping of phones on campus. Through this, we developed much interest in business entrepreneurship and had the desire to become an entrepreneur. This was a difficult initiative since he had no financial support to promote his idea.

In 2013, he heard of a training workshop for young people who were interested in online buying and selling. He paid GHS 150 and attended the workshop but he couldn’t make it a success because there was no support and startup capital.

In 2017, he read and held on to the philosophy of “you don’t need money to start business but trust”. He became very active in the sales of electronic gadgets again as that was his main source of income to support his education and pursue his career. He learnt new ways to market, built his business ideas and chose the name GILO COOPERATE which means “Gideon Loves Cooperate Business” as he believes in teamwork but registered as GILO COMPANY LIMITED.

Executive Summary

GILO COMPANY LIMITED is a multipurpose company whose intended purpose is to change and transform lives through technology. The first initiative of GILO COMPANY LIMITED was an electronic system to monitor and report on transactions of NHIS subscribers at the various hospitals. GILO COMPANY LIMITED is now well-known as an electronic shop and ecommerce company centered at sales of portable computers and other IT related products.

The Company also looks forward to investing in agriculture as there are measures in place to acquire a vast farming land. Other services includes bulk purchase of goods for industrial companies, educational institutions, offices and individuals.

The future is bright for GILO COMPANY LIMITED, as we wish to implement the CEO’s BSc Computer Engineering project titled “NHIESS: An Electronic System to Monitor and Report on Transactions of NHIS subscribers”. Some people see technology as an initiative to rib off their jobs hence they are very resistive to technological change. GILO COMPANY LIMITED seeks to organize seminars and presentations sessions to educate the public and corporate organizations about the importance of technology and systems in their operations.

Most of the software developing companies in Ghana do not educate the public on the importance of system applications hence most companies do not appreciate enterprise systems and applications in their operations and managements. Therefore, to win the heart of the public into accepting system software, GILO COMPANY LIMITED seeks to be part of their daily lives and letting them know the need to transform lives through technology and agriculture. This is our strength.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for accountably, transparency, work efficiency and growth through technology

Our Vision

  • To be a world class company advocating for accountability, transparency and work efficiency through technology;
  • To be an exemplary company always seeking and protecting customers’ interest; and
  • To be a center for modern business entrepreneurship.

Our Objective

  • To Transform lives in a transparent and better world through technology;
  • To be a generational company making enterprise operation more efficient through system analysis and development; and
  • To become a recreational center for producers of all handy computer gadgets to display their products.