Procurement Services

“You have to want it enough to purchase and that’s our power.”

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Electronic Sales

“We understand a prospect’s need in the form of a product or service that provides strong benefits and represents value for money”

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Expert Consultancy 

“Here at Gilo, we evaluate your needs and provide the best expert advice on the right decision to make.”

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Mobile App Development

“Enterprise based apps are now marketing tools. We believe that developing a Mobile App is the best way to increase your cooperate branding and overall reputation”

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Sales of Licensed Software

“Get genuine and safe software to run your business and enhance your office work”

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Desktop App Development

“The best way to improve processes and increase the level of accessibility to customers as a business is through the use of robust applications”

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Web Development

“We believe that a website helps you establish credibility as a business and increases your product knowledge as well”.

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Software Project Planning

“We seek to provide an organized and integrated management process which focuses on activities required for the successful completion of your project”

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Graphics Design

“Here, we believe graphic design is an art with purpose. Graphic design creates impressive marketing materials, and this is the best way to selling your business ideas and products”

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System Tweaks & Updates

“Systems are made to accomplish our designed goals. A system that does not scale with the emerging enterprise problems will remain useless”

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Digital Marketing

“Our focus is using the internet as a tool in helping businesses promote their brands and products in order to reach their target consumers”

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